Unitest style test support

Unitest style is supported via ApiCheckerMixin and ApiCheckerBase


Base test looks like:

class TestAPIAgreements(ApiCheckerMixin, TestCase):
    def get_fixtures(self):
        return {'customer': CustomerFactory()}

    def test_customer_detail(self):
        url = reverse("customer-detail", args=[self.get_fixture('customer').pk])

get_fixtures must returns a dictionary of all the fixtures that need to be restored to have comparable responses.

WARNING: when factory_boy is used pay attention to ForeignKeys. They need to be listed too and the factory need to be written in a way that can reproduce predictable records


class TestAPIIntervention(TestCase, metaclass=ApiCheckerBase):
    URLS = [
            reverse("intervention-detail", args=[101]),

    def get_fixtures(cls):
        return {'intervention': InterventionFactory(id=101),
           'result': ResultFactory(),